Nils Minor

planting tree

Review of 2020.

Lots of things happened on the park in 2020 so here is a quick review of the year. January the usual frosts and rain although some nice bright days. February First of the snowdrops appeared and the group had a cradle weed clearing and tree planting morning. Anne and David planted there very own tree …

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Tenth Anniversary

Wednesday 19th August 2020 was the 10th anniversary of the Friends of Rickerby Park. Due to Covid restrictions only a few friends celebrated in Eden Bridge Gardens. Everyone brought their own food and drinks but Anne Williams made a 10th Anniversary cake which was delicious and everyone enjoyed a piece after working in the gardens …

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Squirrels and more

A count of the amount of squirrels that we have in the park was done in early December. They are easy to spot and count at this time of year as there is no leaf cover for them to hid in. They do tend to migrate in and out of the park from Rickerby village …

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We need your help

The poster says it all. But should you see anything we would really appreciate it if you report it to the police.


First winter flood

Well today we have the usual winter flood in Rickerby Park, no dog walkers, no joggers in fact it’s very quiet just the swishing, tinkling as the water rushes by. Usually there are uni students crossing the memorial bridge from the Warwick Road area to walk through Rickerby Park to attend the University of Cumbria …

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Hide and seek then

Well then are we going to play hide and seek then? I’ve hidden all the nuts away but I can’t remember where I put them. It’s a busy time for us Squirrels you know and my young are still hanging around. I had three little ones to look after this year. It would be nice …

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New bird boxes

On a fine sunny Saturday morning I met with Brian a conservationist who has a great wealth of knowledge about birds and their habitats after putting up thousands of nest boxes throughout north Cumbria since a boy. He showed me how to put the nesting boxes up and in the correct position taking into account …

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Keep your eyes open

It pays to look around as while walking Ruby my dog through the park in the early part of the week I came across a greater spotted woodpecker tapping away quite happily trying to attract a mate, the nest hole being visible.