Review of 2020.

planting tree

Lots of things happened on the park in 2020 so here is a quick review of the year.

January the usual frosts and rain although some nice bright days.

February First of the snowdrops appeared and the group had a cradle weed clearing and tree planting morning. Anne and David planted there very own tree in a spare cradle and helped by members of the group who gave good advice on how to plant a tree the right way up roots first to climbing a cradle and not fall off amidst much laughter and hilarity.

planting tree
Two happy tree people

The first flood of the year and part of the cenotaph railing was broken with the force of the water which also eroded the side of a footpath near the riverside carpark.
Erosion also took place along the river bank near the stone circle and exposed the tree roots and if not remedied we will loose four mature oak trees.

April the Greenspaces team had a new concrete footpath laid from the Chinese gardens entrance under Eden bridge to the Cricket ground and at the same time a new stairway leading down to Kings Meadow this certainly is a big improvement from the old steps.
We also saw many colourful plants growing in the park also a bees nest was spotted high up in a tree and a colony of wasps took over a blue tit nest box. The bird boxes along Brampton Road also did well this year with many of the boxes used by the tit family. A tree creeper had a nest in a dead tree under the bark and a Sparrow Hawk also nested nearby. We also had the cattle back on the park they have been part of Rickerby for hundreds of years and I for one love to see them grazing the sweet pasture.

August saw the mowing of the grass, nettles and thistles in the park by the farmer. A shame to say we suffered more vandalism this year with the breaking up of an information board, the removing of an oak kissing gate, and graffiti on the memorial bridge and bothy doors plus other places around the park. Also 10 anniversary

September onwards saw the emergence of loads of fungi on the park. It never fails to amaze me how much colour and diversity there is.

October we saw United Utilities contractors on the park putting in a new water main liner to the original iron pipe. From Newman School going under the river Eden across the park continuing up to Kingstown. It has certainly churned up a path across the park which also coincided with a flood with the contractors rushing to get their machinery off. A mature beech tree that had root rot came crashing to the ground so we will have to plant a new sapling.

November and the graffiti reared its ugly head again with the memorial bridge support pillars continuing to be attacked and a picnic table also.

December a local church group planted a tree in Kings Meadow which could be seen from Eden Bridge to commemorate all those who had died of Covid in 2020. What a year 2020 has been.

United Utilities pipe
New water pipe through park
shows fungi